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Mesa Boogie Stiletto Cab

Mesa Boogie Stiletto Standard 4×12 Cabinet

Mesa cabs are known for their huge sound and durability. You’ll hear no complaints from me! The Mesa Stiletto 4×12 cabinet is only a few inches shorter than the Rectifier standard cabinet, yet it sounds just as big. A few years ago, these were titled the Mesa Boogie Rectifier Traditional cabinet. They come loaded with Celestion Vintage 30′s that really deliver.

Everything about this cab is sturdy. The void-free birch panels are very sturdy. The corners are metal. The casters are even heavy duty. The price is a bit steeper on these cabs compared to most 4×12 guitar cabinets, but they’re worth every dollar!

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  1. Mesa Boogie Amps Says:

    Agree with you that although they are pricey, Mesa cabs are awesome. Also, the VHT fat bottom is also a nice cabinet as well.

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