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Internet marketing for bands- Part 1

Being a part of both of these industries, it’s become very apparent that these two entities (music marketing and internet marketing) are fairly unaware of each other. But it’s very important that up and coming bands out there realize the power of internet marketing. And not the “we have more friends on Myspace than you” kind. Here’s my thoughts on the subject, and hopefully someone finds it useful :) When choosing a band name, consider the domain name. Choosing your band name is one of the most important decisions you and your bandmates will have to endure before hitting the path to stardom. When you’ve narrowed the list down, try a new method to help finalize. Are any of the names available as a .com, without dashes or a ___music or ___rocks at the end? If it is not, has another band or worse yet, a jumbo corporation taken it? Most domains are fine for standard SEO sake, but imagine the teenagers at your first show screaming in amazement before you have to blast over the PA “Check us out at Whoa Yeah!”. Think anyone will remember that the next day? Or that night when they blog your awesome rock extravaganza? Up next in Pt. 2- Consider your online competition, your band name is a keyword.

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