Rise Against Guitar Gear Tour

Guitar World has come through with another great guitar gear walk through featuring Zach Blair of Rise Against. Zach joined Rise Against for the recording and touring support of  the “Appeal to Reason” album. It’s loaded with amazing song writing and catchy guitar riffs, and their live performances are a must-see. This also marks the

13 Nov 2009

Orange Amps gaining traction

I’ve noticed a trend growing among bands I’ve seen in person and online lately that has me fairly excited. Mixed in amongst the Mesa Rectifiers and Marshall DSL’s and TSL’s were some boldly colored and amazing sounding amplifiers. Orange amps have finally started reaching the younger crowd and aren’t being considered an earlier generation’s boutique

02 Jun 2009

Matt Skiba of Alkaline Trio – Guitar Setup

If you’re like me and into modern hard rock, you should be familiar with Alkaline Trio (If you’re not, get your ass to their Myspace page and never admit that you didn’t recognize them). All kidding aside, guitarist Matt Skiba is a very influential songwriter and one hell of a guitar player for Alkaline Trio.

01 Jun 2009

Gibson Robot Les Paul’s – Love ‘em or hate ‘em?

If you haven’t seen them at the local Guitar Center yet, the Gibson Robot guitars are now on sale and causing quite a bit of discussion. I’m still on the fence with them because I’ve always appreciated traditional Les Paul’s to the more “modern” models they are cranking out at Gibson (like the Les Paul

02 Dec 2008

Getting Started on Guitar? Can’t figure out that riff? Cheat with Guitar Pro!

One of the best tools I’ve been introduced to in the last few years turned out to be one of the best self guitar lessons I’ve ever had, and one of the best ways to remember a cool riff as it develops. Teach yourself guitar by learning how to play your favorite songs. And there’s

28 Jan 2008

Change is akward when it comes to Guitar

An internal debate I’ve been having recently revolves around the constant options guitar players have with effects, analog or digital? To explain further, digital processor/modeler  or traditional pedal board? I’ve used my trusty traditional pedal board for years. It’s been a constant revolving door of Dunlop , BOSS, Electro Harmonix, DOD, Digitech (almost every kind

14 Aug 2007
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